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Adidas (Adidas) was founded in 1949 and is a member of the German sportswear manufacturer Adidas AG. Named after its founder, Adolf Adi Dassler, in 1920, he began producing footwear in Herzogenaurach. Registered on August 18, 1949 under the name adidas AG. Adidas was originally opened by two brothers. After parting ways, Adolf's brother Rudolf Dassler opened the sports brand puma. Its classic slogan: "Impossible is nothing". In March 2011, the company invested 160 million euros to launch the new slogan - adidas is all in.

In 1986, a advertisement for Nike inflatable insoles was a real breakthrough. In the commercials, Nike adopted a brand-new idea, instead of using the usual techniques of promoting the technical performance and advantages of the products, but by the representatives and symbolic hippies. The famous song "Revolution" played by the Beatles, in the new rhythm and melody of the rebellious figure, a group of Americans wearing Nike products are insanely doing fitness exercises... This advertisement accurately caters to the fitness exercise that just appeared. The wind of change and the new era of the times make the feelings refreshing. Nike has always used magazines as the main advertising medium to deliver product information to competitive players, but since then, TV advertising has become Nike's main "speaker", which makes Nike advertising more adaptable to its new product market. development of.